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Teaching Philosophy

In my teaching career, I emphasize hands-on activities and work to enhance studentsí» problem-solving capabilities, where physical concepts are as important as mathematical equations. Furthermore, I deem that undergraduate/graduate education is focused on creativity, and the process of procuring knowledge is much more important than the knowledge itself. Finally, it is important to have undergraduates/graduates involved in research activities and exposed to real-world problems with practical challenges.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


Teaching and Pedagogical Publication

l  Y. Liu, W. Wang, O. Ezenwoye, ``Introducing Software Engineering to the Freshman Student,'' in Proc. Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium, Apr. 2011.


Computer Network Simulation Video Tutorials: click here.

l  Riverbed Modeler (Former Opnet IT Guru) Installation: Click here. Riverbed Modeler (Former Opnet IT Guru) Configuration: Click here. Simulation Ethernet using Riverbed (Opnet) - Part 1: Click here. Simulation Ethernet using Riverbed (Opnet) - Part 2: Click here.


Courses Frequently Taught at San Diego State University (08/2014-present)

      CS 530: Systems Programming

CS 576: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

      CS 596: Wireless Networks

      CS 696: Advanced Multimedia Networks